Minnesota Broadband Day on the Hill

On March 15, I had the opportunity to join in on Broadband Day at the Hill, an event organized by the Minnesota Broadband Coalition. The day focused on discussing broadband issues and projects around greater Minnesota, as well as time to talk with a number of MN representatives about their work and perspective on the future of broadband expansion to reach those without access to high-speed Internet. It is not a new topic, but was definitely great to talk with representatives and others working on broadband around the state. 

Check out this map of 2016 broadband coverage around Minnesota, defined as 25M Upload/3M download. 

Coffee with Lieutenant Governor Tina Smith. 

Hearing from students and community experts around MN about regional broadband concerns. 

As an added bonus, I was able to sit in on a House Education Finance Committee meeting and heard testimony from a number of current proposals that would have a large impact on MN schools.