Add more fonts in Google Drive, Random top 7 list

Word on the street is that some people are stuck using Microsoft Word or PowerPoint because they like to use creative and wacky fonts. They have to save their files and email attachments to him/herself in order to work on a different computer or device. That sounds horrible.  

Did you know you can add many of those same fonts to Documents and Presentations in Google Drive ?!? 

Simply click on More fonts...

Other reasons Google Drive is better than Word and PowerPoint: 
  1. Access your files from virtually anywhere, on any device
  2. No more multiple versions or copies of files
  3. Easily share documents with your students, and back again 
  4. You'll never worry about losing your USB Thumb Drive again
  5. You don't have to worry about what format or computer you started a presentation on, it will always work
  6. Revision history - Track student learning and understand how they formulated their ideas. 
  7. Auto-saves as you type. Power outage? Who cares. 
Try Google Drive today at drive.google.com . It will save you time next week, and probably a few headaches the week after.