New Look: Google Forms

Google Forms has been a solid foundation in Google Drive for many people. While new themes, question branching and collaboration features have been added, a new look was recently rolled out to everyone.
When I went to create a new Form in Google Drive, I had the option across the top to Try the new Google Forms. 
Question menu:
 Themes and Settings:

Viewing Form responses is now built right in


Are you being understood?

Or do you feel like this student in their first week of Princeton Public School's new Spanish Immersion Program?
We all want to understand and connect what you know to what I already know to create something wonderful. Are you selling your new idea to students or staff in a way that makes them want to buy?

I have been asking myself that question more lately as we talk with our staff about what instructional technology looks like in the future. Basic needs still need to be met: Food, shelter, clothing, Internet. Transitioning from teaching with limited access - shared carts of iPads or Chromebooks - to reliable daily access to digital tools requires a strategic plan to connect what a teacher already knows about... teaching, to the possibilities that technology opens for students to innovate and create new meanings.

Daniel Pink's To Sell is Human outlines the intense challenges that everyone works through whether you are selling a product, service or just an idea for dinner to your significant other.  There will be individuals who aren't ready to buy your idea or need it to look different before they will entertain what you are proposing. Advice from Pink's stories point to personal relationships as one of the keys to selling an effective idea or product. If you happened to be interested in this topic a few - or many - decades ago, your pocket edition of How to Win Friends and Influence People is still relevant. Too bad that turning what we know about motivation and leadership into practice is not as easy as reading a book. Ever worried about how your work life would be asked to change when your principal or boss went to a conference about X and came back to make X happen? What creative methods do you use to sell new ideas or products across your organization as whole? How long did it take?