Podcasts are still alive in education?

Podcasts are a great format to catch some learning on-the-go. Think satellite radio show focused on very specific topics that you can download and listen to on your own time for free. 

Some people think of podcasts as a dead format. While listening to a podcast can be considered a one-way street for consuming information or ideas, not necessarily engaging in conversation, they are a good opportunity for those looking to reflect on their professional practice at times when joining in a Twitter chat or Voxer discussion are not realistic. Commuting, working out, mowing, shoveling, generally being active with headphones in are all times that you could be doing some professional learning and adding some time to your day. Remember when you said you did not have enough time? 

Here are a few podcasts focused on inspiring leaders and teachers: 

District and School Leadership Podcasts 

Teaching and Instruction Podcasts 

Separately, I do have to mention the podcast for Google Apps for Education Administrators as well. It is focused on the blended instructional and technical role that many technology directors struggle to balance. Link is here.