DIY EdTech for your gym

Short story: Two teachers at North Elementary in Princeton, MN, sat down to find a way to model physical learning activities for their students. Armed with iPad 2s and a projector on a cart, they soon grew to rely on using digital content and video as a part of their daily classes. Not to mention the website they put together

One problem: Remember that projector on a cart and the iPad 2 plugged in with a cable? Yeah, a lot of moving objects fly around a school gym filled with 3-5th graders. As you can imagine, classroom management is fairly difficult with a 4' cord tethering you and your iPad to a corner of the gym.

Solution: Sure, you can buy projectors that mount on the ceiling, or that are powerful enough to go from one side of the gym to another, but the cost of specialized projectors and mounting lead us to a different approach...

Locally-fabricated projector cage made out of metal and carbon fiber

An ultra short-throw projector with an Apple TV taped next to it. 

The wooden tray next to the projector is an old existing sound system they tied the Apple TV into. 

Meets the very basic needs for our gym teachers to be able to model and provide feedback more efficiently in our gym.
(Technicians and custodians involved in the installation chose the first YouTube video)