Google Docs (Google Drive)

*Note: Google Docs will be changing to Google Drive. Find out more here

Google Docs allows you to create content, collaborate with others in real time, and share with others in a variety of formats.

Top Five ways I observed ISD197 using Google Docs for this spring:

  1. 'Living' agendas and notes
  2. To easily provide feedback to students
  3. Lesson planning across hallways and buildings
  4. Sharing files of any type
  5. Google Forms for instant feedback on instruction and learning 


Student responses using any device

An extremely easy student response website that works from any iPad, computer, chromebook or cell phone with internet.

Sign up at socrative.com for free and be ready to get student responses in minutes. Only the teacher needs a Socrative account, students simply go to the website m.socrative.com and enter in the 'room number' that the teacher gets with their account.

Students go to the website, enter in a five digit number that has been assigned to that teacher, and can respond in real-time to questions asked in class. Feedback is instant on the teacher side.

*Note: Socrative has iOS Apps for both Students and Teachers, but the website socrative.com seems to work the same without Apps.

Practical cellphone use

Cel.ly  sends text messages to large groups of people. This service isn't limited to simply pushing out messages to your team about a field change, it let's you interact both privately and as a group. There are options to send out group messages, 2-way texting, poll your entire audience, and schedule texts to be sent at a certain time and date.

You don't need to even have text messaging yourself, Celly can do all of the texting for you through their website. If you want to read more, check out Celly's Tips & Tricks.

Celly was build by a parent seeking safe ways for teachers to communicate with broad audiences, with cyberbullying and individual privacy on the forefront of their product. There are a number of levels to moderate messages sent through Cel.ly.



Grooveshark has been my music go-to for the past few years, especially when I want to find music related to a particular genre or culture. No account is needed to search and listen to music. Create a free account and save playlists, along with searching the 'Grooveshark Community' to discover new music from stations others have setup.

For those iPhone/iPad users: check out html5.grooveshark.com