Learning Forward Leadership Summit with Dr. Robert Marzano

How do you monitor the desired outcome in your classroom? A level of monitoring is what has shown to be the deciding factor to push teachers from simply using instructional strategies as a "mechanism" at the developing level of a strategy, into applying and innovating that strategy.

Observed score = true score + error 
Error in how we measure student work can come from many places. Discrepancy in almost all assessments, if not observed, can imply correlations that do not necessarily exist. Compare all scores and data available. We live with error in most sciences, education not excluded, including how both teachers and students are assessed.

Teacher Evaluations
Video of classroom instruction is one of the most powerful professional development tools we have available today. You will be the most critical evaluator of your own instruction through self-reflection. Marzano's teacher evaluation model allows teachers to use powerful feedback on specific instructional strategies during specific parts of a curriculum. To help someone's skills move from Developing (2) to Applying (3) on Marzano's teacher evaluation scale, adapting to successes and challenges of strategy effectiveness should be taking place.