Teacher-Driven YouTube Filtering

As a school, we filter our Internet to provide a safe environment for our students to learn to navigate the web for good. More on ISD 477 Internet filtering here.

YouTube is one site that has been a little difficult to filter consistently in the past. Google has added some features that allow teachers to better manage which sites students are unable to view using built-in filtering in YouTube. Per Google’s description, “We use community flagging, age restrictions and other signals to identify and filter out potentially inappropriate content” (link).

YouTube has filtering features that now allows Teachers to have more control over what videos are available to their students.
Some videos may be filtered for students that teachers want to use. The easiest examples to find are history video clips that use primary source footage of war or violence.

If your students see a message that the video they are trying to watch is restricted, teachers can simply click on an Approve button below the video to allow their students to view the video.

Approve YouTube Video.png

Note: Students must be logged into their Google Account in YouTube, or be using a Chromebook, for these new filtering options to work. That makes the YouTube filtering has is a bigger impact for grades 4-12 right now, but we want to keep everyone informed in the event that students are seeing a restricted video message.

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