Revisiting Keyboard Shortcuts

After a brief holiday break and observing how people from age 3 to 84 interact with technology, I think it it worthwhile to revisit keyboard shortcuts and look at the daily tasks these can simplify. Here is a list of shortcuts everyone should have exposure to by 2013. I've included shortcuts up to Junior Varsity because I wanted to leave room for the future. Keyboard shortcuts are guaranteed to help you live a happier life (citation needed).  
Copy/Paste, Select All, Save
Command-C        Copy 
Command-V   Paste 
Command-A   Select All 
Command-S   Save 
Undo/Redo, Find
Command-Z                      Undo - Undo typing or accidental deletes in almost ANY program.
Command-Y                Redo 
Command-F                   Find - Finds a match for words, numbers, or letters on the current document - A great way to jump to a student's name in a list OR find a topic or word on a website. 
Zoom In/Out, Internet Browser Shortcuts (Firefox, Safari, Chrome)
Command- + (Plus)Zoom In - Zoom in most programs, very helpful when projecting websites
Command- - (Minus)Zoom Out 
Command-T                Opens a new Tab
Command-N            Opens a new Window
Command-L                 Highlights the URL bar to type in a new address or search
Command-Click (Link)Opens the link in a new tab in the background

I consider the FIND function (Command-F) to be one of the most versatile basic keyboard shortcuts around. From searching for a student name in a 24 page spreadsheet, to looking for one specific word on a webpage, use FIND by pressing Command-F to jump to what you want to find and save precious minutes scrolling around looking for keywords. 

Note: These are MAC shortcuts that use the Command key, formerly known as the Apple Key, and looks like this. All of these shortcuts are PC Shortcuts as well, simple replace "Command" with PC's "Control" key!

Click on this link for a more extensive Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcut list

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