Teaching with Google's new drawing tool: Autodraw

I am not a very great sketch artist, but my whiteboard skills are at a developing level.

Google just came out with a new drawing tool called Autodraw.com . It automatically turns your hand-drawn sketches into simple drawings. Here is what Autodraw does:

Turn this:
 Into this:
Ideas for using this in your classroom:

  • Graphic organizers 
  • Sketching stories 
  • Visualizing ideas 
  • Summarizing during a discussion 
  • Build quick connections between topics 
  • Try new ways to represent concepts 
  • ...Or just generally make your drawings better! 

I tried a few more difficult drawings to see if Autodraw would be able to understand my sketches. Here is my Eiffel Tower sketch (Some could argue rocket ship...): 
Autodraw gave me quite a few suggestions, with three of them much more Eiffel Tower-looking than my original rocket ship/elf hat version. 

Visit Autodraw.com to try it out, or watch the overview video below for more information. 

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