Borrowing sugar

Today, our technology support staff were trying to resolve a problem that they couldn't find an answer to. They had gone through all the normal steps of technology troubleshooting, and even  a few internet searches. No updates, restarts or reinstalls would fix the problem.

Then they asked me, "What do you want us to do next?" The first response that popped into my head was that we should tweet, email or call a few of the many neighboring school districts that happen to have a couple thousand of the device in question to find out if they have run into the problem before. It turns out that school districts and people that I consider to be neighbors might not be considered very close or neighborly to other people, and I think connecting with educators through Twitter and Google+ are the cause of that.

I'm not too young to never have borrowed sugar from a neighbor (or apparently to use it as a metaphor). Consider connecting and learning from someone who works with the same content or ideas as you, as borrowing sugar. You're borrowing some knowledge (sugar), with that idea that you will later give back some different knowledge by posting or sharing your work. By connecting with other professionals through social media or other forums, you can use the internet for good. While you might not share a backyard with someone else you tweet at, it may still start to feel a little neighborly when they can relate to an entire project you are working on. Using the internet for good seems to make wild ideas such as Wikipedia.org succeed.

Remember when Wikipedia.org was banned to use as a citation? Now it's where most people start their research.

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