Educreations - The App, The Website. Let's Capture Learning

There are a few iPad Apps that are exciting for all content areas. Educreations is one of those Apps everyone should download on their iPad!  

Educreations Part 1 - Teaching supply & demand curve (4:17 long - Fast forward through what you already know) was created just for you here: 

Educreations Part 2 - Eric getting excited about the possibilities of Educreations.com and sharing recorded lessons with students: 

You don't need an iPad to use this tool. Log in with your Google Account at educreations.com 

**If you need help downloading apps or getting your iPad setup to use, email me! 

PS. Do you use an App that does the same thing? (Such as Explain Everything-$2.99), let's start talking about what seems to be the most meaningful strategies to capture learning! 

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