Create a YouTube Channel!

Over the past two weeks I have had more teachers ask me for help uploading video to YouTube than any other school year. It is great to see so many teachers utilize YouTube as one of the easiest places to both share their own classroom experiences and to discover new ones. 

Most staff are uploading video straight from an iPad which seems simple, and it is, but you need to setup a YouTube Channel before you can upload video and discover the vast learning possibilities YouTube offers. 

Q: "But Eric, I don't have a YouTube account. Aren't those only for privileged kids who have complicated cell phones?"

A: NO, everyone will need a YouTube account in the future. Turns out, having a Google Apps for Education account is only a few steps away from uploading video to YouTube. 

1. Go to YouTube.com from a computer
2. Click on the dropdown arrow on the top right, and select My Channel (See below)

3.  Fill out the required information (Your birthdate does not need to be the real month/date/year, just make sure you are over 13 years old).  

4.  You have successfully created a YouTube Channel and will be able to upload from any device using your email address and password!

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