YouTube Part I: For Sharing and Learning

Yes, YouTube can be a place to find video of cats singing Christmas songs, watching home-made bicycle jumps turned into horrible accidents or college spring break videos. 

GUESS WHAT?!? That's not all that's on YouTube. 

YouTube is the #1 place to learn how to do seemingly anything in the world. From simple how-to's for a math problem to large home renovations, you can find step-by-step knowledge to learn things you never knew were possible. If you didn't know this, I challenge you to go to YouTube.com and try it out.
(A large reason YouTube is the #1 place for video is because YouTube is the easiest place to upload and share video from basically ANY device... computer, iPad, smart phone, etc.)

Five Steps to Your First YouTube Upload

Step 1:  Create a YouTube Channel (Google Doc) 

Step 2:  Upload video
Step 3:  Set video Privacy Settings 
  1. Public on the web. Videos show up on YouTube and other search engines. 
  2. Unlisted - Best way to share classroom videos. Can share with anyone by sending them the link to access video. Videos do not show up on YouTube search. More: What is an unlisted video? 
  3. Private - You need to sign into your account to view. Can only share with others if you manually enter in each email address. 
Step 4:  Share video

Step 5: Create YouTube Playlists to save and share all your videos

Grow your YouTube Powers: 

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