Africa unit project - interactive map building

I visited Mr. Clifton's 8th grade geography class for the end of 3rd hour and beginning of 4th today. They are beginning their final assessment for their Africa unit. Mr. Clifton was willing to do something different with the unit project and offered to develop and new project starting with the rubric from his previous project for this unit. 

Students are to create a dream Africa trip, stopping in at least 10 places during the trip. Me. Clifton wanted students to be able to add multimedia and written responses for each of the 10 locations. Google Map Engine came across as a great way for students to create the maps, as his students have access to a chromebook cart for checkout. It's basically a Google map that you can collaborate and build many different digital contents into each map point such as photos, YouTube videos and student writing. Students did not have any hesitations getting started with the online map tool. 

Students were logged into Chromebooks during the initial explanation of the project, as Mr. Clifton linked the rubric and planning Google doc to his webpage - not to say that this project couldn't be done if you don't have a webpage! 

I am excited to see some of the maps as students get more into building some of the content!

30 second "tech tips" to share with staff:
Reopen closed tab on chrome.
Shrinking menus at bottom to make more things show up on screen.
Zooming in/out when showing students media/documents. 

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